What are the Types of Property & Casualty Insurance Coverage?


There are a variety of property and casualty insurance products on the market. It is excellent news for any P&C broker who wants to reach a broad audience and help customers find the right policy. For your clients, though, it can be overwhelming to navigate various P & C coverage types and figure out which ones they need. You can help them secure the right coverage by learning about different types of property & casualty insurance.

Why Is Property & Casualty Insurance Important?

Before selling your clients on the best coverage, you must understand precisely what property & casualty coverage encompasses. Likewise, you must understand the different forms of coverage included in a property & casualty package. Policies included in this umbrella generally cover the value of property or assets or the costs of damage if a person is responsible.

What Type of Insurance Does a Restaurant Need?

Most insurance brokers serve a wide range of clients, including businesses and individuals. There are over one million restaurants in the U.S., so there’s a high likelihood that your roster includes at least one eatery, too. Like most other businesses, restaurants need property & casualty coverage. To serve these clients effectively, you can offer them a Cochrane policy that provides impressive coverage.

Is Property & Casualty Insurance Right for Retailers?

Retailers are yet another pillar of the economy; they also need robust insurance coverage to prevent liability. P&C coverage is an ideal policy option because it accounts for the assets and risks a retailer must consider. It means that valuables such as inventory or computers enjoy protection while the policy also covers risks such as premises liability.

Do Developers Need Insurance for Vacant Buildings?

Vacant buildings might not seem like an obvious source of liability, but they certainly can be. Brokers with developers as clients should be sure to market property & casualty insurance that includes this exposure. Vacant buildings are one of Cochrane’s top classes, so when you offer Cochrane policies, you can be positive that you’re offering your clients the niche coverage they seek.

What Liabilities Does Business Insurance Cover?

Finally, your portfolio isn’t complete without a standard business insurance offering. In addition to property & casualty coverage, business insurance is an essential form of protection for your clients. Cochrane specializes in serving various business types, including niche and standard organizations, so brokers can trust our coverage to keep clients safe from liability.

How Can You Connect Clients With Top Property & Casualty Insurance?

Property & casualty insurance is vital to any insurance broker’s portfolio — and any person or business’s risk management plan. No matter what kind of clientele you serve, you can count on this type of policy to cover them and address their pain points. Cochrane is proud to partner with insurance brokers throughout the U.S. to provide competitive policies and unbeatable coverage.

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