Explaining Casualty Insurance


The insurance market includes a variety of different products offering various benefits. One of the most popular options, though, is casualty insurance. This type of coverage is advantageous because of its versatility and breadth of protection. While other policies typically cater to either businesses or individuals, casualty coverage is appropriate for many types of clients facing various exposures. Learn more about the benefits this type of policy can offer your clients.

What Is Casualty Insurance?

Casualty insurance is a general term that can refer to many different types of insurance. In most cases, this policy covers liability from potential injuries to others or damage to property. The phrase can serve as an umbrella term that also includes policies such as auto insurance, liability insurance, and property & casualty insurance products.

What Does Casualty Insurance Cover?

The coverage of a Cochrane casualty policy depends on what kind of insurance your clients invest in. Typically, casualty coverage accounts for the potential loss that may occur if a person or business is liable for causing harm. Some forms of casualty coverage bundle policies together to cover multiple exposures. Property & casualty insurance, for example, protects insureds from financial consequences in the event of a loss that follows theft, vandalism, and other events.

What Kind of Casualty Insurance Can Insureds Buy?

Because there are so many types of casualty insurance, it’s easy to partner with Cochrane and tailor coverage to meet your clients’ needs. You can start by connecting with your clients and asking them about the liabilities that they most commonly face. Your business clients will likely need bundled coverage that includes a worker’s compensation policy, for example, and premises liability.

Who Can Benefit From This Type of Insurance?

Businesses can benefit from casualty coverage because it shields their assets from loss in the wake of liability. If you serve clients in a high-risk industry such as construction, you should encourage them to confirm that they have sufficient coverage for their level of risk. Providing your clients with Cochrane casualty coverage is the ideal solution because it covers a wide breadth of exposures. Individual insureds can also benefit from the protection that this type of coverage offers.

What Else Should Brokers Consider When Marketing Casualty Insurance?

As a P&C broker, you must know precisely what your clients want and how to deliver it. Selecting the best products to market to your clients can be difficult. Cochrane makes it easy, though, by connecting you with the best coverage options in the industry — coverage that you can offer with confidence.

Your Clients Can Benefit From Casualty Insurance

Staying ahead of your competitors is a constant challenge. Likewise, it is especially true in a saturated marketplace such as casualty insurance. If you’re struggling to stay ahead, upgrading your insurance offerings may be the key to success. Cochrane simplifies property & casualty coverage by focusing on what matters most — identifying and addressing the risks your clients face.

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