What is Personal Excess Liability Insurance?


Personal Excess Liability Insurance expands the coverage of classic car, boat, or homeowners insurance policies, providing an additional layer of protection of up to $50 million. 

The professional brokerage team in the Property & Casualty department at Cochrane & Company can help enhance your relationships with clients by offering personal excess liability solutions for the complex risks your clients face.

What Is the Purpose of Personal Excess Liability Insurance?

Suppose your client becomes the target of a liability claim that exceeds the limits of their boat, car, or homeowner’s insurance policy. In that case, a personal excess insurance policy can pick up where the traditional coverage ends. A personal excess policy can also cover other liability claims that an existing policy does not cover, such as slander, libel, or false imprisonment. Additionally, if your client owns rental property, personal excess liability coverage can extend past the limits of an existing renter’s policy.

What Does Personal Excess Liability Insurance Cover?

A quality personal excess policy can provide additional liability coverage for defense costs, property damage, personal injury, and automobile accidents. Cochrane can help you achieve a competitive edge with the products you offer to your clients. Moreover, we offer a high-tech digital experience to help you access the services you need seamlessly and pass along the efficiencies to your most discriminating clients. To successfully serve your clients with these products, it is essential to understand what is generally covered and not covered by these policies.

Usually Covered

An excess personal liability policy generally covers injury and damage claims that exceed the limits of car, boat, home, and rental insurance policies. Furthermore, it also helps cover expenses for policyholders and members of their households. 

Excess personal liability also helps cover false imprisonment, invasion of privacy, or libel and slander. Moreover, it can cover someone who faces malicious prosecution or has lawsuit expenses, including attorney fees. 

Usually Not Covered

A personal excess liability policy typically does not cover contractual liability or damage the policyholder intentionally caused. Also, it does not cover damage resulting from business-related activity or liability related to armed conflicts. There is no typical coverage for personal property damage, either.  

What Does a Personal Excess Liability Policy Cost?

The cost of personal excess liability coverage varies, depending on the state, the amount of coverage purchased, and the policyholder’s inherent level of risk. The Insurance Information Institute reports that a policy providing $1 million in coverage will cost between $150 and $300 annually. It is not as expensive when one were to compare it to other insurance types and provides excellent value with the amount of coverage provided.

How Can Cochrane & Company Help With Personal Excess Liability Coverage?

The P&C team at Cochrane & Company offers binding authority in numerous unique industries, including contractors, habitational, light manufacturing, bars, restaurants, and multi-use buildings. We can deliver the products and the services you need to serve your clients better. 

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