The Benefits of Cochrane’s Consumer Portal

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Do you have high-risk clients who require excess & surplus insurance? These policies aren’t often available through agencies, yet businesses that go without have a lot to lose. Fortunately, Cochrane and Company offers policies that protect enterprises in hazardous industries, and we streamline the insuring process by providing a variety of online tools. Our consumer portal ensures you can access all the resources you need at any time.

What Does Cochrane and Company’s Online Portal Offer?

Cochrane and Company utilizes technology to ensure agents can customize their customers’ online experience. Our consumer portal offers several great benefits:

  • Allows direct payment with several methods
  • Shows agency’s logo
  • Organizes binding options

Why Is Customizing Customers’ Online Experience Beneficial?

What is excess & surplus insurance? The answer may seem complicated to customers, but getting and managing a policy doesn’t have to be. As the agent, you have control over the appearance of the client-side online portal. That means you can limit capabilities to what your agency offers, thereby eliminating confusion when customers go online.

Additionally, since you have the option to brand the portal, the insured don’t even have to know they’re accessing a third-party website. While the site’s functionality doesn’t change, either way, having your logo prominently displayed impacts customer perception. To the insured, you’re making things easy by providing a website they can access remotely, at any time. Without the branding, customers may perceive the process as more complex since there’s another name involved.

Ultimately, the online portal is all about convenience. The insured can make payments, view their excess & surplus insurance policies, and download paperwork as necessary without going through your agency. This direct line also provides several benefits to you as the agent.

How Can Agents Benefit From Utilizing the Online Portal?

There are many reasons why you need E&S insurance online portals. First off, they simplify the binding process, allowing you to devote resources toward other pursuits, such as communicating with clients and working claims.

Why is the online portal a solution to simpler excess & surplus insurance? It provides a single point of contact where you can access all the paperwork and track the underwriting process. If you ever have questions about a quote, you know exactly where to go.

Second, an online portal limits the amount of contact agents make with clients. While building relationships with the insured is essential, you also have to be practical about how much time you spend on an individual account. Excess & surplus insurance is more complicated to bind than standard policies, which means you could end up spending more time on a small, less profitable account than your largest customers. The online portal lets you devote the necessary time to E&S insurance clients’ needs without compromising your agency’s profitability.

About Cochrane and Company

For more than six decades, Cochrane & Company has been proudly at the forefront of the insurance industry. Our experience has enabled us to innovate in powerful ways, reimagining the E&S market, and providing technology solutions that make it easy to do business with us. Licensed in all 50 states, we proudly serve clients across the nation, providing personalized and powerful solutions to help you become an even better partner for your clients. Speak to one of our experienced professionals today by calling (509) 462-1148.


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