How Excess Insurance Can Help During a Snowstorm


Excess insurance is coverage that helps protect against winter hazards, including snowstorms. Snowstorms affect millions of people throughout the U.S. annually, and many do not have adequate protection against the damage these events can cause. Unfortunately, this realization often comes after it’s too late and an insurer denies their claim. 

Our P&C Brokerage team at Cochrane has a solution for you and your clients. Our qualified coverage options will serve as the best value for you to provide to your clients.  

The Value of Excess Insurance 

Excess insurance is a policy that is important to understand. Therefore, here are some ways it can help in a snowstorm.

Understand the Importance of Excess Insurance for Snowstorms

Before you attempt to sell your clients on the benefits of excess insurance coverage, insurers must understand why this type of policy is necessary. It is an essential coverage option for anybody in an area prone to snowstorms simply because of the magnitude of damage that this weather can cause. Data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration indicates that winter storms are responsible for yearly $1.9 billion in damage.

Cover Damages Outside a Standard Policy

Despite the devastation that snowstorms often cause, many standard homeowners’ insurance policies offer limited coverage. Cochrane solves this problem by providing an excess insurance program that helps protect against snowstorms. Cochrane’s coverage extends beyond a typical policy to ensure that your clients enjoy protection against snowstorms and their damage. It can include damage to your client’s roof, leaks following a snowstorm, severe winds, or frozen and burst pipes.

Offer Additional Peace of Mind

Excess insurance can give your clients the peace of mind they seek regardless of circumstances. Premiums for this type of insurance through Cochrane cost only a fraction of the expense that snowstorm damage may incur. Therefore, your clients do not need to worry about the potential costs of a snowstorm and all the damages it incurs when winter arrives. Consider, for example, that roof replacement costs $8,000 on average.

Protect Assets Other Than the Home

In some cases, this coverage can also account for assets other than your client’s home. If a snowstorm happens to damage a boat, for example, homeowner’s insurance will not cover this expense. However, your clients may be able to customize their excess insurance for snowstorms to include assets like this. Snowstorms can cause severe damage to boats, including broken glass, water damage, and exterior damage. In extreme cases, inclement weather can even eradicate a vessel due to winds that carry airborne debris.

Connect Your Clients With Excess Insurance for Snowstorms

As an insurance broker, you can help your clients prepare for winter storms and ensure they have the right insurance policy. If they only carry homeowner’s Insurance, it’s a good idea to recommend excess insurance for snowstorms. Cochrane partners with brokers to provide top-tier products like this so that you can be confident in the protection you’re providing your clients with. Partner with Cochrane and help insureds prepare for the potential damage of snowstorms.

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