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Cochrane & Company’s Consumer Portal

Streamlining The Way We Do Business Together


Writing Surplus Lines policies can often be a strenuous process, with Acord forms, supplemental applications, terrorism forms, and often more.  In addition, E&S business is typically billed on an “Agency Bill” basis, creating an extra step in the process.

To streamline the surplus lines binding and payment process both for the agency and the insured, Cochrane & Company has created the “Consumer Portal”, which is a binding & payment portal for the retail agent’s insureds.  Insureds can bind, pay, and electronically sign forms and applications required for binding.  The entire process is seamless and designed to reduce the number of account touches for the retail agent.

How to Consumer Portal works:

      • Agency submits information for underwriting/rating to obtain a quote.
      • Agency receives digitized quote and Consumer Portal link to forward to insured for review. 
      • Insured can accept quote, electronically sign forms and applications, and make payment:  ACH and credit cards accepted.  
      • Payment plan offered through Tepco Premium Finance or agency can choose to use premium finance partner of choice.

Interested in learning more?  We’re happy to schedule a demo or talk further about how our workflows simplify and streamline the Surplus Lines Process.


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